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New Album “WANDER” available now!

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CENTRAL TRACK - “Worth keeping an eye on”


Austin James - Crate Diggers
"Last Friday the Indie/Alternative Pop Band, Hello Shannon, released their latest single "Slowly". The beautiful haunting song shows off the powerful vocal range by lead singer Shannon Camacho..."

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CRATE DIGGERS - “Great electronic beats mixed with beautifully haunting vocals”

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Wolf In A Suit
"Listen to the beautiful voice of their lead singer as she dances around effortlessly through the beats and tunes served for our enjoyment..."

Hello Shannon is an Indie / Alternative Pop project from Dallas, TX. They released their debut EP, “The Tide” in September 2014, which was well received by both fans and critics, with the stand out track “Bluebird” catching the attention of many, both on the album and live performances. As Hello Shannon has evolved in their sound, they have since released two singles, “Pressure” and “Slowly,” which will be included on their first full length album that is set to release in Fall of 2018.




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