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New Album “WANDER” available now!

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CENTRAL TRACK - “Worth keeping an eye on”


Austin James - Crate Diggers
"Last Friday the Indie/Alternative Pop Band, Hello Shannon, released their latest single "Slowly". The beautiful haunting song shows off the powerful vocal range by lead singer Shannon Camacho..."

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CRATE DIGGERS - “Great electronic beats mixed with beautifully haunting vocals”

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Wolf In A Suit
"Listen to the beautiful voice of their lead singer as she dances around effortlessly through the beats and tunes served for our enjoyment..."


Hello Shannon is an Indie Electronic duo from Dallas, TX that brings together electronic elements with organic live instrumentation and a focus on vocal layering and production. Influences include Imogen Heap, Kimbra and James Blake.

Hello Shannon was started in 2014 by lead vocalist and main songwriter Shannon Camacho, along with her husband/producer, Jonathan Camacho.  After the release of their first EP, “The Tide,” Hello Shannon began performing at festivals, venues such as House of Blues (Dallas, New Orleans), Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles), intimate concerts such as the SoFar Sounds series, and internationally, with a tour going through northern Europe in 2015-2016. In 2015, Hello Shannon was featured on the long running BMI Acoustic Lounge Series in L.A. Hello Shannon stopped touring from 2015-2018 and spent those 3 years working in the studio on their full length album, “Wander,” which was released in October 2018, along with an official music video for the title track. The release garnered local attention with continued local radio play as well as receiving a 2018 Ghosty Award for “Best Electronic Act”. In 2019, Hello Shannon had the opportunity to open for Billboard charting artist LANY. Hello Shannon is currently touring their new live show in support of their album. 




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